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Subject: Family Debt - Part 14At the gym:Claire moved forward, half reluctantly and half
needfully, to see her daughters face buried in Kay's
groin, her nose pressed against the coarse hair of her
lower abdomen as her tongue delved deep inside. Their
eyes met, and Claire found herself smiling. Dawn looked
far from happy at finding herself in this position, and
Claire could not help but consider it a kind of rough
justice."She has a sweet tongue," Kay said, looking up at her.
"Feels real good inside me. You fancy having her lick
your cunt out for you, Claire? Does that thought get your
juices flowing?"Claire had to admit, even if only to herself, that it
did. The thought of her Dawn's face between her thighs,
her lips and tongue pleasuring her pussy, was doing some
very strange things to her insides. Her expression must
have given her away, because she heard the other two
women both laugh. Kay reached down and grabbed Dawn by
her ponytail. She pulled her face away to reveal it
smeared with her juices."Lick it off, Claire," Kay told her, still holding on to
Dawn's hair.Claire leant over, and with hardly an instant of
hesitation began to lick Kay's juices from her daughter's
cheeks and chin. It was a taste completely different from
any she had ever experienced before, and she would have
been hard put to describe it as either pleasant or
unpleasant. Just strangely and excitingly new."Now her lips," Kay ordered.Claire ran her tongue along Dawn's lips, feeling them
part slightly. Without thinking, she pushed her tongue
between them. Felt Dawn resist, and pushed harder. Then
her tongue was in her daughter's mouth, as their lips met
crushingly."Let's take our little lovebirds somewhere and have some
more fun with them," she heard Kay say."We'll go to Claire's," Samantha answered.At home:Steve was bent over with his arse towards the cam as he
held open his cheeks to show his arsehole to the thirty
or so men watching. He was still not sure how it had come
to this, how they had seemingly got him to do whatever
they wanted. He looked back at the screen to see what
comments were being made. They were talking amongst
themselves about him, as if he were not there.
Discussions about what they would like to do with him."That looks a tight little pussy, bitch," Slutfucker
typed. "Has it ever been fucked?"Steve turned to type his reply, his cock jutting out and
swinging as he moved. Dawn's panties had been discarded
somewhere on the floor and he stood there naked as he
typed."No," he posted. "Never."There was the sound of a car in the drive."Someone's coming," he typed."OK, " Slutfucker responded. "Give us your phone number,
Cockwhore Junior, and we'll let you go."It was stupid and he knew it even as he typed in his
mobile number. There was no way they could young sun lolita bbs
stop him
going. But, somehow, he still found himself typing out
the number."Good girl," Slutfucker posted. "You can go now, bitch.
But we'll be seeing you again."Steve cut the lolita pre teen bbs connection and turned off the computer.
Going to the window, he peeked out through the blinds to
see them returning from the gym. Another woman was with
them, small and slim and very attractive. Behind him, he
heard his mobile phone start to ring.
At work:John lay on the factory floor. Amanda's piss was puddling
beneath his arse, and his cock and balls were soaked with
it. They no longer held him down, no longer needing to.
And his cock was still hard, a fact the women had not
been slow to www nude little lolitas notice. Looking over their heads up at the
office, he could see Tom and Cynthia watching through the
window.He winced as he heard someone say, "Let's fuck his sissy
arse with a broom handle.""No," a more authoritative voice replied, a voice he
recognised as Joan's, She had been with the company since
before he hot pics little lolly joined it, and was a natural leader amongst the
women. "You always did have a cruel streak, Bet. That
could really tear him up, and we don't want to do any
permanent damage. Just have a laugh. And I know just what
will give us one. Who wants to see Mr Ames suck a cock?"There was a general cheer of agreement, and two of the
women lifted him from the floor by his elbows and the
whole lot of them headed for the mail room. In there were
employed the only two other men working at the company.
Barney, who was well past retirement age but kept on
because he was cheap, and young Darren.The door of the mail room was pushed open to reveal a
very startled looking Barney sitting on a stool by the
workbench."When was the last time you had a blow job, Barney?" Joan
asked him.

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